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One Man Dance

Tap Dance Classics N° 13 - The famous routine from “Black And Tan Fantasy” in several versions. Extra material: routines from the Black Rhythm-Dance tradition. Analyzed step by step (Victor Cuno). Available as DOWNLOAD PDF

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Introduction        p. 3

One Man Dance
1 /  The Five Hot Shots     p. 4
from “Black And Tan Fantasy” RKO, Dec. 8, 1929)

2 / Two Dancers (not identified)    p. 10
from “The Girl from Chicago” (Oscar Micheaux, 1931)
included in “Jazz Band Ball” (DVD)
included in the video “From Cake Walk to Lindy Hop, Vol. 3)

3 / The Hi Hatters "Me And My Shadow"    p. 16
Vaudeville Buck Routine
from "Comedy Hour" (NBC, 1950)
commercial TV VHS transferred to DVD
TC 00:39:00

4 / Dot, Donna & Teddy “How Do You Do It”    p. 21
3 girls - tall, tan & terrific
from "Little Jack Little & Orchestra" Vitaphone reel # 1936 (Vitaphone, 1936)
WB Archive Collection “Big-Band Jazz & Swing”

The Five Hot Shots  & Henry "Phace" Roberts     p. 31

The Five Hot Shots: Rhythm-Dance    p. 32

from "Black & Tan Fantasy" (RKO, 1929)
with Duke Ellington's Orchestra

Four Hot Shots: Turn On The Red Hot Heat    p. 38

with Dorothy Saulters
from "Vogues of 1938" (United Artists, Sept. 7, 1937)

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