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  • Bloch

    Extra values of this brand: the basic shoes are very solid and have a good sound. Mid-price and up-price shoes have very smooth leather. Result: very comfortable shoes!

    Bloch JSS Heel Taps Bloch JSS Toe Taps Charleston B&W (Bloch S0341L) 35 to 43 EcoJazz / Tapster mini 24 to 28 Economy Jazz Tap (Bloch SF3710L) 37 to 45 Glitter Tap (Bloch S0352G) 30  to 33 Jason (Bloch SO313M) 39,5 to 48 Jason WHITE (Bloch SO313M) 39 to 48 Jason WOMEN (Bloch SO313L) 36 to 42 Jason WOMEN WHITE (Bloch SO313L) 36 to 42 Mary Jane (Capezio 3800) 36 / 38 / 41 Merry Jane (Bloch S0352L) 32,5 to 42,7 Merry Jane Kid (Bloch S0352G) 24 to 33 ShowTapper (Bloch S0323L) 36 to 43 Time Step Ado (Bloch S0330LU) 35,5 to 43 Time Step Ado WHITE (Bloch S0330LU) 41 to 43 TimeStep Kids (Bloch S0330GU) 27 to 34,5
  • Capezio

    Extra values of this brand: a large choice in medium-priced shoes, good quality end very good sound. Permanent development of new models: the new K540 and K541 are simply great professional tap-shoes!

    Buckle-Bar (Capezio 451B) 41,5 only Capezio Duotone Heel Taps Capezio K360 Capezio Teletone Heel Taps Capezio Teletone Toe Taps CG 17 Fluid MEN (Capezio) 40,5 to 45,5 CG 17 Fluid MIXED (Capezio) 35 to 40 Fins de séries MINI FILLES du 23 au 32 JrTyette mini Pink (Capezio 625) 26 to 33,5 JrTyette Pink (Capezio 625) 32 to 35 JrTyette WHITE (Capezio 925) 32,5 to 34,5 Kids Show Shoes SALE Manhattan Xtreme (Capezio 657) 34 to 42 Premier Tap (Capezio CG09) 36 - 46 Premier Tap Jr. CUIR (Capezio CG09) 34 & 34,5 Respect Tap (Bloch S0361L) Super Sonic Heel Taps Super Sonic Toe Taps Tap Victoria (Capezio) 40,5 to 43 Tapsonic (Capezio HK02U) Steel Heel Tic Tap Toe (Capezio 443) 34,5 to 39,5 Ultra Tap (Leo's LS3009) 35 to 42 Westend (Capezio CG54) 36 to 42,5
  • Katz

    Extra values of this brand: excellent taps with a round and melodic sound.

    Katz Acoustic Heel Taps Katz Acoustic Toe Taps
  • Leo's

    Extra values of this brand: the toe-taps with interesting sizes; above all toe N°5, the biggest toe-tap worldwide. A large choice of split-sole tap-shoes, a great succes in the USA.

    Leo's Heels Taps Leo's Jazz Tap (LS3312) 36 to 41,5 Leo's Jazz Tap KIDS (LS3312) 31,5 to 36 Leo's Toes Taps TempoTap Kids Patent (Leo's) 34-35
  • Rumpf

    Extra values of this brand: the "Victoria", professional laced tap-shoe with high, but large heel for women. A new version is developed right now with an european manufacturer.

    Jazz Tap Men (Bloch SO301M) 39,5 to 48 Mauro Patent (Rumpf) 43 & 45,5 Sync Tap (Bloch SO321L) 36 to 42
  • Sansha

    Extra values of this brand: very low priced leather shoes with a very good sound for men, women and children! Elegant and strong mid-priced shoes. And Sansha  is not afraid of adding colors!

    Fishnet tights Black (sansha) Rhythm Tap Patent (Leo's LS 3311) 29 to 37,5 Sansha Metal Tech Heel Taps Sansha Metal Tech Toes Taps T-Bojango Black & White (Sansha T88L) 38 to 47 T-Bojango Black (Sansha TA88L) 39,5 to 47 T-Bojango ECO Black (Sansha TA88Lpi) 36,5 to 41 T-Bojango Pink/White (Sansha TA88L) 40,5 to 43,5 T-Bojango PurplePassion/White (Sansha TA88L) 41 to 43,5 T-Comet Eco (Sansha TA27mf) 26 to 36 T-Oscar (Sansha) 30 to 37,5 T-Praga Black Leather (Sansha TA10L) 35 to 40,5 T-Sofia (Sansha TA13L) 37,5 to 40,5 T-Sofiette ECO (Sansha TA24MF) 30,5 to 35 T-Sofiette ECO Leather (Sansha TA24Lpi) 29 to 37,5 T-Sofiette Leather (Sansha TA24L) 29 to 37,5 T-Sofiette Shiny Black (Sansha TA26SC) 30,5 to 36,5 T-Sofiette SHINY RED (Sansha TA26SC) 29 to 37,5 T-World (Sansha TA99L) 36,5 to 46 T-World Eco Mixed (Sansha) 45 to 46,5
  • Só Dança

    Extra values of this brand: the top-model «Pro Tap» in two versions: for women and for men.

    Chloe & Maude B&W  (Bloch S0327L) 35 to 42,5
  • Swingtap

    Extra values of our brand: Victor Cuno’s worldwild unique collection of choreographies and techniques of classical tap dance, as well as his educational books and training aids, as PDF files and on video.

    1 period - 14 classes 3 period flatrate 1 class / week (42 classes) 4-5 Rhythm Free A petit pas A Petit Pas After Hours Arsenal Bastringue boogie Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson - Buck-Dance Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson Softshoe Rhythm-Dances Bill Robinson - A Hollywood Routine Bill Robinson - Chair-Dance Black Trios / Rhythm & Flash Bossa bavaria Buster Brown - Laura Case Départ CD Dance With Me CD Encore CD Tap In The Groove 1 CD Tap In The Groove 2 CDs Tap In The Groove 1 + 2 Coles & Atkins Softshoe Copasetics Stage Routines Dancin with you Dancing With You Dans le schwartz Derniere chance Dernière Chance Bossa Dis, papa Disco groove DVD Coupe de Paris 2004 (34 excellent tap routines) DVD Tapdance Show Paris Claquettes 2010 (Marion Sandner) DVD Tapdance Show TAP'09 (guest Guillem Alonso) DVDs TAP 09 + Paris Claquettes 2010 Eddie Brown - B.S.-Chorus for Rhythm Dancers Entre Deux Espace Restreint Fiesta Fred Astaire & Eleanor Powell - Begin The Beguine Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers - Bouncin' the Blues Fun 4-10 Gene Kelly & Donald O'Connor - Moses & Fit as a Fiddle Gene Kelly & Donald O'Connor - Moses & Fit as a Fiddle Gene Kelly & Stanley Donen - Singing In The Rain Gene Kelly - Softshoe Special Gene Kelly - the complete fast tap routines Gene Kelly, Judy Garland, George Murphy & Ben Blue - For Me And My Gal Grapevine Harlem walk Henry LeTang, Leon Collins & Foster Johnson - Jazz-Waltz Tap Henry's Blues Henry's Blues Je m'souviens Jump Jungle tap Just Dancin' Kitsch'N'Blue Le premier pas Le Printemps à Flo Le Theme à Totor Leon Collins - A Cappella Tap Routines Leon Collins - Routine N°2 Ain't Misbehavin Light 'n' Easy Lon Chaney's Paddle-And-Roll Mélusine MGM - Softshoe of 1942 Military-Tap Routines & Techniques Mistery Tap Nonchalance One Man Dance P'tit gars Pizzi stoptime Plan Serre Plan Serre - Routine Victor's Tap 1 Playing Around Plink-A-Plunk HonkyTonk Plink-A-Plunk Softshoe Pomade Professionals and guests (8 classes) Prohibition Charleston Promenade Pull It Pull It-Slow Ragtime parade Rolling Along Ruby Keeler - Busby Berkeley / Warner Bros single class Special rate YOUNGSTERS (3 period flatrate) 1 class / week (42 classes) Special Request Starac Stars And Taps forever Stormy Blues Sur la Pointe Sur Les Planches Sur Les Planches 2 Tap in Line Tap Technique: 2-3-3 Rhythm Basics Tap-Routine "Le Printemps à Flo" Tap-Routine "Les Planches" N°1 Tap-Routine "Les Planches" N°2 Tap-Routine "Nonchalance" Tap-Routine "Plan Serré" Tap-Routine "Playin' Around" Tap-Routine "Prohibition" Tap-Routine "Tap In Line" Tap-Training "2-3-3 Rhythm Basics" Tap-Training "4-5 Rhythm" (1) Tap-Training "4-5 Rhythm" (2) Tap-Training "Hoofer Time-Step / Rhythm Time-Step" Tap-Training "step-heel patterns" Tap-Training "Time-Step" Free Tap-Training "Traveling Time-Step" Tappin' The Time TDR1 Eddie Rector - The Bambalina TDR5a - King, King & King Techno melody The B.S.-Chorus The B.S.-Chorus (Buck-And-Wing) The Maxieford The Nicholas Brothers 1930's Routines The Nicholas Brothers Down Argentine Way & TV The Shim Sham Routine Free The Shim-Sham Routine The Time-Step This Is The Night Tour De Magie Uncle Bo' Waiting For Sarah Waltzclog 42

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