• Bloch

    Extra values of this brand: the basic shoes are very solid and have a good sound. Mid-price and up-price shoes have very smooth leather. Result: very comfortable shoes!

  • Capezio

    Extra values of this brand: a large choice in medium-priced shoes, good quality end very good sound. Permanent development of new models: the new K540 and K541 are simply great professional tap-shoes!

  • Katz

    Extra values of this brand: excellent taps with a round and melodic sound.

  • Leo's

    Extra values of this brand: the toe-taps with interesting sizes; above all toe N°5, the biggest toe-tap worldwide. A large choice of split-sole tap-shoes, a great succes in the USA.

  • Rumpf

    Extra values of this brand: the "Victoria", professional laced tap-shoe with high, but large heel for women. A new version is developed right now with an european manufacturer.

  • Sansha

    Extra values of this brand: very low priced leather shoes with a very good sound for men, women and children! Elegant and strong mid-priced shoes. And Sansha  is not afraid of adding colors!

  • Só Dança

    Extra values of this brand: the top-model «Pro Tap» in two versions: for women and for men.

    Só Dança
  • Swingtap

    Extra values of our brand: Victor Cuno’s worldwild unique collection of choreographies and techniques of classical tap dance, as well as his educational books and training aids, as PDF files and on video.