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Fred Astaire & Eleanor Powell - Begin The Beguine

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    TDC N° 9 - Begin The Beguine & Juke Box Dance - 2 absolutely great tapdance classics from the film "Broadway Melody of 1940". Analyzed Step by Step with an introduction by Victor Cuno. Available as DOWNLOAD PDF

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         Begin The Beguine

         1st part
         SWING / Tempo: 202
         side by side - Astaire at Powell’s L:


        entrance from the rear of stage L - moving  diagonally forward to center:
        1,2,3,4    runFLAT R-L-R-L forward
        a5           flap R forward to R
                      feet in diagonal R:
        a6          step L, flat R
        a7          step L, flat R
        a8          flat L, scuff R in place

                   Step 1

    1-6            3x from the same foot:
            a1,2  flap-heel R to R,
            a3,4  flap-heel L Xing front R
            a5     flap R to R
            a6     heel+ L & R
            a7     ball+ L & R
            a8     heel L, stompUP R

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