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Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson Softshoe Rhythm-Dances

Tap Dance Classics N° 8b - Bill Robinson - his complete Softshoe Rhythm-Dances (71 pages). Researched, commented and analyzed step by step by Victor Cuno. Last update: March 8, 2020.


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Introduction                                p. 4

The Routines:
Got A Snap In My Fingers (Living I A Great Big Way)            p. 7 - 23
from the film “Hooray For Love” (RKO, June 14, 1935).
Down By A Southern River                        p. 8 - 24
Soundie (Aminoco Productions, 1942)
Café Metropole > deleted scene                           p. 25
(20th Century Fox, April 28, 1937)
Drum-Dance                                 p. 38
from «Stormy Weather» (20th Century Fox, July 21,1943) 38
I Can't Give You Anything But Love                 p. 42
from «Stormy Weather» (20th Century Fox, July 21,1943) 42
Ed Sullivan Show                            p. 44
live performance, not yet identified footage
included in the DVD "The Very Best Of Ed Sullivan Show"
Tea For Two (live performance)                        p. 45
not identified footage included in the documentary "It Just Happened"
(french TV, VCA DVD)
Mr. And Mrs. Sippi                            p. 49
from the film «Dixiana» (RKO, August 1, 1930)
Hey, What Did The Bluebird Say                    p. 51
Choreography: Bill Robinson, dancer: Shirley Temple
from the film «Dimples» (20th Century Fox, October 16, 1936)        
Eleanor Whitney «Love Is Just Around The Corner»        p. 55
from the film «Millions In The Air» (Paramount, December 12, 1935)

The Doc:
Robinson Style: Sunnie O’Dea / Nicholas Brothers            p. 58
Bill Robinson’s 4-bar Signature-Combination                p. 61
B.S-Pattern with various endings                    p. 65
Bill Robinson: Leap-UP Combination                p. 66
Bill Robinson: Cramproll + Waltzclog                p. 67
Stage Adaption (V. Cuno)                        p. 70

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