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The Nicholas Brothers 1930's Routines

Tap Dance Classics N°14 - their famous routines from the 1930s. Edited, commented and analyzed step by step by Victor Cuno (120 pages). Available as DOWNLOAD PDF

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The Nicholas Brothers 1930s Routines

Introduction                                p.3

Rhythm-Flash Routines:
"China Boy"                            p.5
from "Pie, Pie Blackbird" (Vitaphone, June 4, 1932)
"Mandy"                                p.14
from “Kid Millions” (Samuel Goldwyn, November 10, 1934)
"Miss Brown To You"                        p.25
from the  “The Big Broadcast of 1936” (Paramount, September 20 1935)

including flash-patterns & Half-Break / Full-Break
"Lucky Numbers"                            p.30
from "The Black Network" (Vitaphone, 2 reels, May 5, 1936)
"My American Wife"                        p.47
(Paramount, August 7, 1936)
footage included in the documentary "The Cotton Club Comes To The Ritz" (BBC, 1985)

Half-Break / Full-Break Routines:
including vernacular & stylish combinations
"Shim-Sham & Half-Break Routine"                p.48
from “The All Coloured Vaudeville Show”, Vitaphone-Short (Sept 6, 1935)
"Hi-De-Ho" Cab Calloway Imitation                p.67
from "Calling All Stars" (Pathescope, British Lion,1937)
"Calling All Stars"                            p.70
(Pathescope, British Lion,1937)

The Nicholas Brothers - dates & quotes                p.85

Buck-And-Wing routines:
"China Boy" 2nd Part : The B.S. Chorus             p.86
from "Pie, Pie Blackbird" (Vitaphone, June 4, 1932)
The Emperor Jones    (B.S.-Chorus Crossover)            p.95
(United Artists, Sept. 29, 1933)
cabaret scene, Harold Nicholas in front of girl-chorus
" Miss Brown To You " Harold Nicholas solo            p.96
from the  “The Big Broadcast of 1936” (Paramount, September 20, 1935)
"An All Colored Vaudeville Show"                    p.100
(Vitaphone, Sept 6, 1935)
"Down In Coronado By The Sea" - acrobatic routine
from "Coronado" (Paramount, November 28, 1935)

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