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Ruby Keeler - Busby Berkeley / Warner Bros

Tap Dance Research N° 9 - Tapdance-Routines from 1926 to 1935. A tapdance research book by
Victor Cuno (85 p.) Available as DOWNLOAD PDF

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PDF (english)

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14,23 €



Ruby Keeler's Tap Dancing                p.4
Ruby Keeler's favourite Rhythm-Dance Steps        p.5
Ruby Keeler's favourite Buck-Dance Steps        p.9


"Let's Do The Black Bottom"                p.11
    "a castle novelty" (silent) (Castle Films, dec 3, 1926)
    Amercia Dances! (DVD)
"42nd Street" (Warner Bros., March 8, 1933)            
    Ruby Keeler SOLO "Buck Steps - Rehearsal Routine"        p.15
    Ruby Keeler & Clarence Nordstrom "Shuffle Off To Buffalo"    p.16
    Ruby Keeler SOLO "42nd Street"                p.18
"Golddiggers of 1933" (Warner Bros., May 27, 1933)
    Ruby Keeler (Dick Powell) "Pettin' In The Park"            p.21
"Footlight Parade" (Warner Bros.,  September 30, 1933)
    James Cagney with Girl-Chorus "Buck-Routine - rehearsal"
    a / Girl Chorus                            p.24
    b / James Cagney                        p.25
    Ruby Keeler SOLO Buck-Routine - audition            p.26
    Ruby Keeler SOLO "Sitting On A Backyard Fence"        p.28
    James Cagney & Ruby Keeler "Shanghai Lil"            p.30
    Cagney demonstrating: Bandy-Twist Break            p.37
    Cagney demonstrating:  Joe Frisco
"Dames" (Warner Bros., Oct. 3, 1934)
    Ruby Keeler SOLO Audition Routine "Dames"            p.37
    "Dames - rehearsal"                        p.39
"Go Into Your Dance" (Warner Bros. April 20, 1935)
    Ruby Keeler with male chorus "About A Quarter To Nine"        p.40
    Minstrel-Chorus / Softshoe-Chorus
“Shipmates Forever” Cosmopolitan Productions
    distributed by (Warner Brothers, Oct. 12, 1935)
    Ruby Keeler teaching some kids “Shim-Sham Routine”        p.45
    Ruby Keeler solo "Military & Buck Routine"            p.52
"No, No, Nanette" Broadway Revival (1972)
    "Tony Award Ceremony"
    Ruby Keeler & Chorus "I Want To Be Happy"            p.59

TAP in Busby Berkeley & Warner  Bros. Movies

"Whopee"  (United Artists / Goldwyn, Sept. 27, 1930)            p.61
"42nd Street" (Warner Bros., March 8, 1933)                p.63
    Buck Chorus-Routine - 3 sequences
"Golddiggers of 1933"  (Warner Bros., May 27, 1933)
    "Pettin' In The Park - Buck Dance" (Chorus-Rehearsal)        p.67
"Footlight Parade" (Warner Bros.,  September 30, 1933)
    girl chorus (rehearsal) Softshoe                    p.68
"Roman Scandals" (United Artists / Goldwyn, December. 27, 1933)
    Chorus-Routine Strut & Swing-Kicks                p.69
"Dames" (Warner Bros.Oct. 3, 1934)
    Rehearsal Charleston                        p.70
    Production-Number (Buck)                        p.71
“Golddiggers of 1935” (Warner Bros., March 15, 1935)
    CHORUS & Condos Brothers "Lullaby Of Broadway"            p.74
“Go Into Your Dance” (Warner Bros., April. 20, 1935)
    Chorus-Rehearsal (Buck-Dance)                    p.83

Ruby Keeler                                p.85

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