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Tap-Training "4-5 Rhythm" (2)

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    VIDEO "4-5 Rhythm" (2) (Victor Cuno). Technical level: 2 and more. Slow backview in detail with terminology and counts. Lenght: 7 min.

    available as DOWNLOAD

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    • Level : 2+

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    VIDEO "4-5 Rhythm" (2) > Broken-Rhythm & Offbeat

    > precise write-up of the combinations available als FREE DOWNLOAD

    Why learn this?
    The combinations of these exercises are easy to get. They all start with the basic rhythm any tap-dancer has to master upon learning the basic techniques. In this presentation the basic rhythm is always followed by a second part, the offbeat rhythm with its accents changing from ON the beat to OFF the beat. The important thing here is to maintain a strong and regular sound in both parts. These exercises lead directly to classic combinations as they were done - at a professional tempo thpough -  by dancers like Eleanor Powell, Ann Miller, Ray Bolger, the Nicholas Brothers and many more.

    This 2nd part concentrates on the techniques of the flap and the slap.

    UPDATED:2013-10-14 04:14:23

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