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Sansha Metal Tech Heel Taps

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    8 sizes
    > each box contains 2 taps, 2 soundboards, nails & screws

    Excellent quality for this very low price!

    More details

    • Caracteristics of the taps : clear & heavy metal sound

    5,90 €

    Sansha Metal Tech taps HEEL: 8 sizes

    HEEL A > the biggest of SANSHA length 6,7 cm, width 6,5 cm
    HEEL B  length 6,3 cm, width 6 cm
    HEEL C  length 5,9 cm, width 5,6 cm

    HEEL D length 5,7 cm, width 5,3 cm

    HEEL E length 5,5 cm, width 5 cm

    HEEL F length 5,2 cm, width 4,8 cm

    HEEL G length 5 cm, width  4,6 cm

    HEEL H  length 4,8 cm, width 4,3 cm


    • HEEL A
    • HEEL B
    • HEEL C
    • Heel D
    • Heel E
    • Heel F
    • Heel G
    • Heel H
    • Heel I
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