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Gene Kelly - Softshoe Special

Tap Dance Research N° 5 - Gene Kelly & other dancers. They all used a very particular combination devised from the Softshoe-Break, displaying an unusual Back-Irish Pattern. Choreographic research booklet by Victor Cuno (54 pages). Last update: January 14, 2019. Available as DOWNLOAD PDF

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Who ? Gene Kelly & partners as an impression of the vaudeville act King, King and King
Gene Kelly / Sunnie O'Dea / Girl Chorus

What ? Softshoe Routines

Why ? They all used a very particular combination devised from the Softshoe-Break, displaying an unusual 3-count Back-Irish Pattern.

Where ?
Gene KELLY - Dick HUMPHRIES - Alex PLASCHAERT «Poor Butterfly»    p. 3
from the TV show «Hollywood Palace» (NBC, March 13, 1964)

Gene KELLY - Danny DANIELS - Alex ROMERO «Poor Butterfly»    p. 9
from the TV special «An American In Pasadena» (CBS, March 13, 1978)

Gene KELLY + 2 Eunuchs «Harem Softshoe»    p. 13
from «Invitation To The Dance» (MGM, May 15, 1956)

Gene KELLY & Judy GARLAND «For Me and My Gal»    p. 21
from «For Me And My Gal» (MGM, October 21, 1942)

Sunnie O’Dea «The Glory Of Love»    p. 24
from «Hollywood Party» (MGM, April 3, 1937)

Sunnie O’Dea «Shake It Off With Rhythm»    p. 30
from «Strike Me Pink» (Goldwyn Pictures, January 24, 1936)

Sunnie O’Dea «From The Vault»
probably shooting from «Strike Me Pink» (Goldwyn Pictures, January 24, 1936)    p. 38

Girl Chorus «Coffee In The Morning»    p. 40
from «Moulin Rouge» (20th Century Pictures, January 19,1934)

The Twelve Aristocrats in «Calling All Stars»    p. 41
UK, 1937

Bonus material
Gene Kelly / Alex Plasschaert / Dick Humphries «Sweet Sue»    p. 42
from «The Hollywood Palace» (ABC, February 22, 1964)
Holst Sisters «Amuse Yourself»    p. 49
(Educational Films Corporation of America, Nov. 27, 1936)
Chain-Gang Buck Dance / Precision Tap / One Man Dance

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