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The Shim Sham Routine Free

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    Shim-Sham Shimmy for FREE! The world's most famous tap-routine. A classical evergreen ! 2 versions: the standard 1-chorus classic & Victor Cuno's favourite version. Just register and get it ! Available as DOWNLOAD PDF

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    My Shim-Sham Shimmy

    You may do extravagant Steps and fancy routines - one day you’ll go back to the old Shim-Sham. Perhaps you want to do it in a show or just straigthen out your students... Anyway, here are 2 versions of the routine: the classic standard version as everybody knows it and my personal mix of what a witnessed since I started tapping.

    I first learned the Shim-Sham with Honi Coles & the Copasetics in the deep south (...of France). Later I did it with Henry LeTang, Buster Brown, Eddie Brown, and quite a few times on stage with the incomparable Chuck Green. They all had special tricks, specially for going from the third eight into the break - and that’s what my favourite version is about.

    Have fun !

    The Classic Shim-Sham (1 chorus)        p.3

    My Favourite Shim-Sham
    1st chorus / FREEZE! chorus / tag        p.7


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