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The B.S.-Chorus (Buck-And-Wing)

The traditional Buck-And-Wing tap-routine from the afro-american tradition. The most appreciated after the Shim-Sham! Researched, presented and commented by Victor Cuno (27 p.). Available as DOWNLOAD PDF

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The B.S.-Chorus
    Introduction p.2
    The B.S.-Pattern & The B.S.-Break p.3
    The set-up of the B.S.-Chorus p.4
    The Routine:
    a) 1920s version: up on the toes p.5
    b) 1930s version: flat p.6
    c) The Nicholas Brothers 1932  p.12

    Techniques & Variations
    The Time-Step p.16
    The B.S.-Pattern p.17
    The Maxieford in the B.S.-Break p.18
    The B.S.-Break in the 1930s p.21
    Other Breaks used in the B.S.-Chorus p.24
    The Time-Step Crossover p.25
    The Buck-And-Wing p.26
    Over-The-Top & Syncopated Glide p.27

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