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The Shim-Sham Routine

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    TDC N° 3 - SHIM-SHAM SHIMMY - the world's most famous tap-routine. A classical evergreen ! Booklet includes many variations and historical research. Available as DOWNLOAD PDF

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    About The Shim-Sham  p.4
    Definition - Origins - History - Analysis - The Half-Break Routine - Dancing The Shim-Sham

    The Shim-Sham-Shimmy - 1st Chorus  p.10           Dance Craze p.14            FREEZE ! - 2nd Chorus p.15

    Shim-Sham Technique p.20          Shim-Sham Break  p.21            Fred Astaire p.24             Variations p.27

    Alternatives before the Break p.30            Half-Break into Break  p.31     Leonard Reed - The New Shim-Sham p.32

    Playin' Around - 3 Routines :

    The Nicholas Brothers p.35              Carnell Lyons p.50           Savion Glovers Shim-Sham p.56

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