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4-5 Rhythm ENG GRATIS
  • 4-5 Rhythm ENG GRATIS

4-5 Rhythm (Victor Cuno). Kurze und leicht zu lernende Grundschritte (englisch)


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Why learn this?
The combinations included in this resume are easy to master, since they all start with the most basic rhythm any aspiring student has to learn when starting to tap dance. In this little collection the basic rhythm is always followed by a more intricate rhythm with accent changes. The purpose is to work on a strong and even sound, both with a discontinued and a specific continued rhythm. These exercises lead  directly to many classic combinations, as they were danced - at an appropriate professonal tempo - by the most renowned tap artists, like Eleanor Powell, Ann Miller, Ray Bolger, The Nicholas Brothers and many others.

In the first part the techniques concerned are the shuffle-step (as well as scuffle-step or stomp-backflap). In the second part it will be a heel followed by a flap (but also a ball followed by a brush-dig or scuff-dig). As for the continued rhythms you’ll also find the bombershay and the drawback.

What you have to master with these combinations is the following: clear and even sounds along with the proper accentuation.

4-5 Rhythm
This is just a possible name I found for this rhythmic set-up: 4 executions in Broken-Rhythm and 5 in the Offbeat mode.


N° 2 > shuffle-step / shuffle & hop
Level 3

a / shuffle-step

Broken Rhythm:

8&1    shuffle-step R
2&3    shuffle-step L
4&5    shuffle-step R    
6&7    shuffle-step L


8&1    shuffle-step R
&2&    shuffle-step L
3&4    shuffle-step R    
&5&    shuffle-step L
6&7    shuffle-step R

b / shuffle & hop - very slow R turn:

Broken Rhythm:

8&1    shuffle L to front, hop R
2&3    shuffle L at L, hop R
4&5    shuffle L at L, hop R    
6&7    shuffle L at L, hop R


8&1    shuffle L at L, hop R
&2&    shuffle L at L, hop R
3&4    shuffle L at L, hop R    
&5&    shuffle L at L, hop R
6&7    shuffle L at L, hop R

        - REVERSE A & B