Marius, our little champion

Marius dances at THE VOICE

He joins Igit for his french version of “New York, New York”

Just 6 years old I performed my first solo at the Swiss Tap-Championship and finished 3rd.

Next year: 2nd place with my James Bond routine.

From now on 1st place with “Borsalino”, “Harry Potter” and “Mission impossible”.

At the IDO World Championships, I made two times 3rd place, I just love it!

In the meantime I played the Palace (in Paris) and did a show at the famous Balajo! That was great, the spotlights created huge shadows around me! I also went to Rome with my dad and we performed together at the Teatro Sistina. I started our act playing snare drums before papa did his military routine. We do that again, along with many other routines in our Family Show. I love to improvise with the orchestra, especially to the tune “Cute”.

Avec le succès de “The Artist” la télé et les journaux sont venu nous voir et Gulli TV a réalisé un reportage sur mes claquettes!