The School

Tapdance School Victor Cuno

A professional Tapdance School for tap lovers und professional dancers. N° 1 in tapdance in Paris since 30 years! Our school, one of the best in Europe, offers a schedule with more than 20 classes per week! Tapdance is our business! In order to guarantee our students a smooth development, we offer tap classes on 7 different levels: from level 1 (first beginners) to the Master Class (professional training).

We use american tapdance technique. Wir teach all the classical tap styles - from Harlem to Broadway and from Hollywood to the actual stomping styles.Our music covers a wide range from swing and musical-comedy to actual sounds!

Our school is open from the end of August to the beginning of July. All levels are taught several times a week: in the morning, early evening / later in the evening.

For your specific needs we can organize private classes.

Foreign tap dancers and teachers are welcome to study with us: regular classes on the exact level of each dancer may be completed with privates, developing specific individual skills.

Our classes  take place in our school / shop Swingtap, at 21 rue Keller, 75011 Paris (Metro-Station: Bastille, Voltaire or Ledru-Rollin).