Tapping at Swingtap

Welcome to the world of tap dance passion!

The magic of tap dancing starts with the immediate pleasure of just hitting the floor. Light, heavy, fast or slow, with syncopated rhythms or rolling: nothing can stop you once you feel the taps under your shoes! It all started by simply walking in time with the music. From there imagination and ambition helped to create an immense variety of tapping techniques which turned the very obvious original gesture into an art form: percussion in movement.

You are fascinated by the casual look of tap dancing?

We shall show you how to let your feet explore the floor with easy but very rhythmic patterns. You’ll have to hit hard and at the same time develop this casual, easy-going feeling. This needs time and work, but tap dancing has a tremendous advantage of other dance forms: you can accomplish nice patterns with the most easy techniques, starting with your very first tap class!

You won’t have to dress up in a particular way: light street clothing fits best, it will also help you to be just yourself. Tap dancing should always look like the sudden inspiration of the very moment. Technique will just help to develop the capacities in you by combining rhythm and movement.

Movement in rhythm goes along with singing, playing and just dancing: Musical Comedy has developed a large variety of fun and easy-to-do combinations which don’t need any particular physical ability. Therefore tap dancing is available for each and everyone at all ages. Just come as you are, we provide you with the rest!

Our beginners classes are open for everyone. You don’t need any experience, we’ll take care of that. Age doesn’t matter. It is our pleasure to introduce you to the fantastic world of tap dance!