7 tap levels

Work through our 7 levels and be a real pro!

Our 7 tap offer the possibility to organize your approach to tap according to your ambitions. So make your dreams come true:

Level 1

This is our permanent starting class!!! In our school you can start tap dancing anytime! In this class you’ll learn quite casually all you need for tap dancing: a strong and active standing position, loose hips, knees and ankles. Easy-to-learn combinations shall give you the design and the rhythm, along with the necessary musicality. Basic techniques with simple sounds as well as constant work on shuffles, slaps and cContinousramprolls. And for each class a different fun-routine!

Level 2

Musical-Comedy and Vernacular dance steps, Basic tap-combinations and the inevitable Time-Step. You’ll start to work on turns and leaps; combinations with flaps and shuffles. Continous triplet-rhythms to establish clear and regular sounds: hop shuffle-step, step-shuffle-hop, step-shuffle step. Also the basic 2-3-3 Rhythms. Short routines to all kinds of music: from swing/jazz to techno!

Level 3

New techniques: paddles, continous shuffle-hop-steps, continous turns, but also combinations where the heel remains on the floor taking weight (backflaps, drawbacks, etc.) You’ll start to work on pullbacks. Offbeat-Rhyths with various techniques and, as always: snappy short routines!

Level 4

You’ll have fun with 1-Chorus routines in various tap-styles! New techniques: riff, riff-walks, riffles, Paddle-And-Roll combinations and all the famos classic combinations with pullbacks…

Level 5

Here’s the big adventure: with techniques like Over-The Tops and Double-Wings everything gets together… Enjoy the classics of tap along with groovy combinations!

Level 6

With Double-Down Shuffles: ripples, shuffles with 2 heels etc. you’ll work on absolute precision! At the same time the general tempo increases: up tempo with turns and pullbacks. You’ll have to develop also your personal style.

Level 7

MASTER CLASS All-style training for the stage and for proper teaching!