Start tap dancing now

Level 1 is our level for first beginners!!! In our school you can start to tap dance anytime, throughout the whole season! For your first class: just come in 15 Minutes before the class starts.

Sign-Up: you don't have to sign up for your first tap-class! Once you decide to be a regular student you can sign-up anytime in our school.

Tap-Shoes: we provide you with a pair of tap-shoes for your fist class.

Clothing: as you like, just be sure to feel comfortable in a class that's moving a lot!

Try-Out classes: 20 € (90 Min.) Deductible when you sign up.

Program Level 1. The basic movements of tap dancing. A first but very important experience in order to feel at ease. With simple but rhythmic Steps you will learn how to deal with your hips, knees and feet. You first will use simple sounds, but work on some of the specific tap-techniques. A small routine, different in each class, shall guarantee the immediate fun of tap dancing, starting with your very first class!

Moving on: it is absolutely necessary to come regularly to class in order to learn properly the techniques and combinations and feel good doing them. As soon as you master the program of level 1 you may move on to level 2 - anytime during the season. The most important thing is that you learn at your rhythm and have fun all the time!

SCHEDULE for first beginners > LEVEL 1

  • Monday 18h45 David
  • Wednesday 20h15 David
  • Thursday 18h45 Florence
  • Friday 9h45 Victor
  • Saturday 10h15 Victor & Antoine

a selection of our fees:

register and insurance the 2023/24 season: 29 €

The season 2023/24 consists of 3 units, 14 classes each

These units are just payment dates, we don't start a class all over again. So don't wait, just come!

Price per periode*

1 class a week (13 classes) : 231 €

2 classes a week (26 classes) : 410 €

*our units:

1st unit: Monday 28 August to Saturday December 2

2nd unit: Monday December 4 to Saturday March 23

3rd unit: Monday March 25 to Saturday June 29

You'll have to acomplish a full payment for each unit. All classes have to be taken withing the unit, but you may replace or double a class anytime!