Get into tap

To feel comfortable and to get ahead when you’re learning to tap dance, regular classes are most important. One class per week is the strict minimum. The big choice in our schedule will enable you to avoid missing classes!

If you want to get ahead fast, you should come to class twice a week. Thus you will be back in the matter much quicker and the Steps will be much more present, not only in your head, but also in your feet!

If you have any ambitions, don’t neglect that personal work between classes is the thing! As matter of fact tap dancing works like any musical instrument: the teacher can show, explain up to the last detail and of course correct, but after all that it is your job to work out the the techniques, patterns and combinations till you can put them on the floor without any hesitation.

Clothing: casual, light and comfortable. Avoid expensive or fragile clothes!

Classes: american technique through all classical tap styles – from Harlem over Broadway to Hollywood and further to the actual sound of tap!