Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson - Buck-Dance

Tap Dance Research N° 08 anglais PDF
  • Tap Dance Research N° 08 anglais PDF
  • TDR08 Bill Robinson Buck-Dance ANG PDF

Tap Dance Research N° 8 - BILL ROBINSON and the TIME-STEP - the complete Buck-And-Wing Dances. Un livre de recherche par Victor Cuno (440 p). 1) The BOOK : tout sur son Buck-Dance & présentation de ses Combinaisons. 2) The DOC : tous les numéros / son style fait par d'autres / la tradition orale. Dernière mise à jour : 28 mars 2017. Version ANGLAISE disponible en TELECHARGEMENT PDF

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Robinson’s Tap Dancing Styles    p.11
About Bill Robinson’s Dancing Style: quotes and comments    p.11
Bill Robinson and Improvisation    p.13
Bill Robinson’s favourite music: quotes and comments    p.14
The Buck-And-Wing Style    p.14
Bill Robinson’s personal touch    p.16
Specific Bill Robinson tap techniques    p.17    
Swing or not ? Bill’s Dancing Rhythm    p.17
Identification of the Steps    p.18
A personal version of the Buck-And-Wing    p.19

part 1: The Book
Bill Robinson and the Time-Step    p.19
    Time-Step & Time-Step Breaks    p.22
Time-Step Crossover    p.24    
Sand Time-Step    p.28
Bo’s Triple-Roll technique    p.30
Bill’s famous Triple-Roll Combinations (Three-And-A-Break)    p.31
Double-Buck / Time-Step Combination    p.31
The Set-Up / Repertory of the Combinations    p.34
Triple-Roll-And-Brush-Around    p.36
Triple-Roll Combinations with a different set-up
a) decreasing phrase 8-8 4-4 2-2-2-2 counts    p.38
b) The 4-bar Triple-Roll Combinations    p.40
Military Time-Step (using his triple-roll)    p.43
        (Military Time-Step) + Syncopated Flaps    p.44
        Irish Military Time-Step    p.46
Robinson’s Cramprolls    p.46
Pick-Heel-Toe Combination    p.47
Lancashire Techniques    p.48
Lancashire-Cross Combination    p.49
Cramproll + Heel & Toe-Click Combination    p.53
Lancashire-Walk    p.54
Hop-Lancashire    p.56
One-Side Shuffles
Double-Shuffle (Shuffle-Rolls) / Rolling-Shuffles    p.58
Syncopated Shuffles    p.61
Double-Triple Rhythm    p.62
        > Shuffle-Hop Rolls (One-Side-Shuffle) / > Shuffle-Step Rolls
Double-Wings    p.63
Double-Wing + Syncopation    p.64
Double-Wing-Toe Combination    p.65
Double-Wing - Syncopated 3-count phrasing    p.66
Brush-Wing-Change / Toe-Wing-Change    p.67
One-Side Taps    p.69
8-count Pattern changing feet    p.70
Bill Robinson Walk    
Broken-Rhythm & Offbeat    p.71
4 counts + 2 counts / 3 counts (3-3-2 Combination & Cross-Phrasing)    p.71
Brush-Hop Combination    p.73
The Scoot-Step    p.74
Full / Traditional / Syncopated    p.75
Finishing-Break    p.77
Theatrical & Stylish Steps
Back-UP-And-Hit 3-count Combination    p.78
3-3-2 Combination & Digstand    p.80    
Falling-Off-A-Log with dig in front / > with pull    p.81
Goin’ To Church 2    p.82
    Side-Back-Cross    p.83
The Strut    p.84
Charleston-Steps    p.84
The Dusty-Dusty    p.85
Old-Man-Walk    p.85
The Jump & Brush-Jump    p.86
Syncopated 3-3-2 Break & Style    p.87
Twisting Steps:
Back-And-Front Twist    p.88
Heel Twist    p.88
Sailor’s Sway    p.89

part 2: The Doc in chronological order

1 / Bill Robinson’s Buck-And-Wing Routines in films
«Mr. & Mrs Sippi»            p.90
from "Dixiana" (RKO, Aug. 16, 1930)
«Medley»                p.96
from "King for A Day" (Vitaphone, 2 reels, June 28, 1934)
«In Old Kentucky»    p.115
20th Century Fox, Sept. 6, 1935
    a) Dialogue-Scene
    b) Setting The Table a cappella (whistling & trumpet imitation)
«Miss Brown To You»    p.120
from "The Big Broadcast Of 1936" (Paramount, Sept. 26, 1935)
«Turkey In The Straw»        p.123
from "The Littlest Rebel" (2Oth Century-Fox, Nov 22, 1935)
«One Mile From Heaven»    p.129
20th Century Fox, Aug 13, 1937
    In The Street / impromptu stairdance
    policemen's benefit /  happy end
«Brass Buttons» Bill Robinson & Male Chorus    p.144
from "Just Around The Corner"  (20th Century -Fox, Nov. 11, 1938)
«Let's Scuffle»        p.155
(soundie, 1942)
«Stormy Weather»
from  (20th Century Fox, July 21, 1943)
    «Yeah Man» Sand Dance    p.166
    «Time Step» Bill Robinson & Kids    p.170
    «Jive Talk with Cab»    p.171
    «Oh My! Ain't That Something»    p.176

not yet identified:
«Stair Dance Iron»    p.177

2 / Bill Robinson’s Buck-And-Wing live on stage & TV
«Madison Square»    p.178
    a) I Can't Give You Anything But Love
    b) Cane Routine
«Stars In Garden 1931»    p.188
Salvation Army benefit at Madison Square Garden.
Live performance filmed on May 26, 1931
«Rooftop»    p.192
Rudy Vallee home movie, early 1930s.
Filmed on a rooftop, no sound. 2 routines
«The Hot Mikado»    p.205
(Gilbert & Sullivan (Broadhurst Theatre /  New York World’s Fair 1939/40
Amateur short film in (color, no sound)
«Toot, Toot, Tootsie, Goodbye»    p.207
US TV, 1949)
«Stair Dance»    p.210
unidentified footage from the documentary «It Just Happened»
«Chesterfield»    p.212
footage included in a 1952 TV doc  (unidentified TV footage from Historic Films)

3 / Buck-And-Wing-Step in other styles
Stair Dance "Harlem Is Heaven"    p.213
(Herald Pictures, May 27, 1932)
Bill Robinson & Girl Chorus “a new comedy opening”    p.217
from “Harlem Is Heaven” RKO, May 27, 1932)
Bill Robinson & The Black Orchids "The Bill Robinson Stomp"    p.219
very probably from "Harlem Is Heaven"  (Herald Pictures, May 27, 1932)
Bill Robinson & The Black Orchids "The Bill Robinson Stomp"    p.231
from “King For A Day” (Vitaphone, June 28, 1934) DVD Warner Archive Collection
Bill Robinson & Shirley Temple "Oh Susannah"    p.235
Question – Answer Routine
from “The Little Colonel” (20th Century Fox, Feb. 22, 1935) DVD
Stair Dance from "The Little Colonel"    p.238
(20th Century Fox, Feb. 22, 1935) DVD
«Hooray For Love»
(RKO, June 14, 1935)
    Bill Robinson & Jeni LeGon "Living In A Great Big Way"    p.240
    “Got A Snap In My Fingers” (Living In A Great Big Way)    p.243
    Bill Robinson & Jeni LeGon  «Hooray For Love»    p.246
Bill Robinson & Shirley Temple “Organ Grinder’s Swing”    p.247
from “The Littlest Rebel” (20th Century Fox, Nov 22, 1935) DVD
Shirley Temple & 2 Black Boys “He Was A Dandy”    p.250
from “Dimples” (20th Century Fox, Oct. 20, 1936)
Café Metropole: Softshoe Rhythm-Dance    p.252
(20th Century Fox, Sept 17, 1937) deleted scene
Robinson & Temple "The Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers"    p.253
from “Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm” (20th Century Fox, May 11, 1938)
“By An Old Southern River”    p.257
"Drum-Routine" Softshoe Rhythm-Dance    p.258
from "Stormy Weather" (20th Century Fox, July 21,1943)
"I Can't Give You Anything But Love"    p.260
from "Stormy Weather" (20th Century Fox, July 21,1943)

4 / Robinson’s Style performed by other dancers


a / complete routines on film
"Brookinson & Van"    p.261
from "Brookinson & Van" (British Pathe, June 21, 1937)
unidentified black dancers "Gang War"    p.266
(Million Dollar Productions, March 29,1940)
Lorraine Krueger “Buck Routine”    p.268
from "Career Girl" (RPC Pictures, Jan. 11, 1944)
Sammy Davis Jr. «Lady Be Good»    p.272
«Will Mastin Trio» at HistoricFilms: «Ed Sullivan, 8/12/51 (from AS-346)»
Bill Bailey “Bill Robinson Tap”        p.277
from a Studio Film (1955) PC (DVD)
Pearl Bailey «Robinson-Chorus»    p.285
(1965, US-TV Live Performance)
Sammy Davis Jr. “Doin’ The New Low Down”    p.288
from the documentary «The Magic Of Dance» with Margot Fonteyn (BBC, 1979)

b / bits & pieces on film
Girl Chorus "Rio Rita"    p.290
(RKO, September 15, 1929) DVD
unidentified tap duo (m, bl) «New York Nights»    p.291
(Joseph E. Schenck Prod., December 28, 1929)
Ann Pennington «Ann Pennington»    p.292
from "x" (RKO, 19xx)
2 black Boys «Music Rackett»    p.292
Vitaphone, June,1930 (Vitaphone Production Reel #1004)
Sammy Davis Jr. «Rufus Jones for President»    p.293
(Vitaphone, September 9, 1933)
unidentified black Boy “Sweet Georgia Brown”    p.295
from “Carnival Day” (Vitaphone, January 11, 1936)
Charley Chase & Rosina Lawrence «Song-And-Dance»    p.297
from «On The Wrong Trek» (April 18, 1936)
Eleanore Whitney & Louis DaPron «The Swing Tap»    p.298
from «Three Cheers For Love» (Paramount, June 26, 1936)
The Nicholas Brothers "Calling All Stars"    p.301
(Pathescope, British Lion,1937)
The Stevens Sisters “Broken Strings”    p.305
(Goldport Productions,1940)
Alston & Young    p.309
from "Murder With Music" (Century Productions, 1941)        
Bill Bailey “Takin’ A Chance On Love”    p.310
from "Cabin In The Sky " (MGM, April 9,1943)
Juanita Pitts «Rhythm-Routine»    p.311
from "It Happened In Harlem" (1945)
Eddie Cantor «My How Time Goes By»    p.312
from «If You Knew Susie» (RKO, February 7, 1948)
Debbie Reynolds "At The Barre"    p.314
"Give A Girl A Break" MGM (1953)
from 2nd part (3 girls who need a Break)
The Ray Malone dancers (trio) «Toast Of The Colgate Town»    p.314
Episode #5.26, May 8, 1955
Arthur Duncan "My Grandfather’s Clock"    p.315
"Walkin’ The Floor Over You"
from Lawrence Welk Shows (1979)
Harold Nicholas «Buck-Solo a cappella»    p.316
    a) TV-SPECIAL 1982 PC DVD «American TV & Concert Clips»
    b) from a Live-Performance (Military Time-Step only)
    from the documentary "The Cotton Club Comes To The Ritz (BBC, 1985)
Harold Nicholas  «Buck-Solo a cappella»    p.318
from an Apollo-Thatre Show
Harold Nicholas  «Buck-Solo a cappella»    p.319
from «Sammy Davis Jr. Kennedy Center Honors» (1987)
Maceo Anderson  “Buck Time-Step”    p.320
from "Tap Dancing" TV-DOC(DVD)
Sammy Davis Senior «Liza»    p.320
US TV-Show presented by Milton Berle
Louis DaPron «The Ace Of Taps»    p.322
DVD "Tappin' With The Masters (Rusty Frank, 2006) / TC 1'30        
    a) Avalon Tap
    b) Buck Chorus (1981, Live Performance) 1'05'30
Sammy Davis Jr. «Yankee Doodle Dandy»    p.324
presented by Bob Hope, July 4, 1976 (?)

5 / The Oral Tradition
how black & white dancers remembered his style

This section includes all the routines I learned personally from different sources. The Chair-Dance Routines as well as the Routine done by Honi Coles & the Copasetics have been researched and published separately.

a / complete routines
“Doin'The New Low Down”        p.325
not yet identified black source: Maceo Anderson (?)
Stanley Kahn "Doin' The New Low Down"    p.331
(set to Bill Robinson's recording) as remembered by Sam Weber
Henry LeTang “Doin’ The New Low Down    p.340
as learned by the author
Henry LeTang «I'm So Wild About Harry»            p.351
Leon Collins: 2 Robinson-Routines    p.352
as learned by the author
Carnell Lyons “Plain Dance”    p.358
as learned by the author
Foster Johnson: Robinson-Routine    p.367
as learned by the author with Linda Sohl-Donnell

b / bits & pieces
Chuck Green "Celebrity  Tap"    p.368
as learned by the author in workshops in Europe1994/95
Chuck Green "Bill Robinson Dance"    p.369
(New York, 13-19 jan, 1995) (chair dance)
Joe Sterling «Buck-Routine»    p.370
DVD " Passing ON The Buck'N'Wing" presented by Josh Hilberman

6 / Bill Robinson’s Buck Dancing in Tap Books
Nick Castle «How To Tap Dance»    p.371
Al Gilbert «I Want To Be Happy» Training Aid N° 49    p.372
Danny Hoctor «Graded Exercises For Tap Dancing»    p.374
Dance Records Inc. (1971)
Jimmy Sutton «Fascinatin’ Rhythms»    p.381
Sam Enterprises, 1984

7 / Research
Back-Up-And-Hit 3-count combination
The Modern Minstrel Maidens «The Watermelon Dance»    p.382
film not yet identified
Kenneth Burchill: STEP DANCING    p.383
Isaac Pitman & Sons, London, 1936
One-Side Shuffles
Ina Ray Hutton «Truckin'»    p.384
from «Accent On Girls» (Paramount, December 27, 1935)    
Ina Ray Hutton «Doin' The Susie-Q»
from «Swing, Hutton, Swing» (Paramount, May 7, 1937)
8 / The tap-rhythm from Bill Robinson’s recordings
«Doin' The New Low Down»    p.385
Brunswick 6520 with Don Redman and his orchestra, recorded december 29, 1932
Brunswick 4535 with Irving Mills Hotsy Totsy Gang, September 4, 1929
«Keep A Song In Your Soul»    p.390
«Tap Dancing with Orchestra»Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson
recording: Brunswick Br 6134 (E36833-A-B), NY, March 27, 1931
release: E36441-A-B, NY, April 3, 1931
reissued as Columbia 30183
«Just A Crazy Song (Hi-hi-hi)»    p.395
Brunswick Br 6134 (E36834-A-B), NY, March 27, 1931
release: E36441-A-B, NY, April 3, 1931
«NBC 1935»            p.399
with Victor Young Orchestra, NBC, 07/12/1935

9 /Bill Robinson’s Repertory of Buck-Steps: where & when    p.404