How to order your tap shoes

Orders & payment

1) Shoe-orders on our website + payment with creditcard + precise size: no delay, your order will be dispatched immediately!

2) Payment per international money transfer: on week delay. Unfortunately our banks hold the money back for several days. Furthermore we are credited on working days only…

We dispatch your order immediately upon reception of the full payment


We offer you a rebate (total amount without shipping costs): from 250 € – 5%, from 400 € – 7%, from 550 € – 9%, from 700 € – 11%, from 850 € – 13%, from 1000 € – 15%, from 1150 € – 17%, from 1300 € – 18,5%, from 1500 € – 20%.


By ordering several pairs of shoes at the same time you may lower the shipping costs:
up to 1 Kilo: +/- 14 € = 1 pair of shoes
up to 2 Kilos: +/- 16 € = 2 or 3 pair of shoes etc.

How to order my shoes:

Basically you can trust your regular street she size. If you’re not sure, you can also do the following:

1- Measure the exact lenght of your foot
a) Put a piece of paper against the wall. Put your foot on the piece of paper with your heel touching the wall. Wear the socks you usually put on for your tap class
b) Draw a line – at the end of your foot (usually in front of the big toe
c) Measure the lenght of your foot – from the beginning of the piece of paper to the line

Masure both feet and choose the bigger one!

2- To choose the right size of your tap shoe

Add the mm indicated for each model to the lenght of your bigger foot. You may add 3 mm for more comfort. Some models exist in two widths: M (normal), W (extra-large): don’t forget to mail us these details. If you wear inlays add at least 4 more mm.

Tap shoes for children

To be sure that the kids can wear their shoes for at least a full season: add 5 extra mm. To start with the kids can use an inlay or wear thick sports-socks.


If the shoes don’t fit exactly, you may send them back as long as they have not been used. Delay: 15 days upon the reception of the order. Return postage at your charge, 2nd postage free.


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